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SDHC Excess Wear and Tear
Room Items Classification
Heavy/Severe Damage Moderate Damage Light Damage/Wear Not Applicable
Requires replacement of the item. Requires major repairs and effectively precludes the use of the item for its intended purpose Relatively easily-repairable damage that does not preclude the use of the item for its intended purpose. No Damage
Kitchen + (Click on row to expand.)
Washing Machine
Dryer Machine
Range W/Oven
Range Hood
Garbage Disposal
Kitchen Faucet
Fire Extinguisher
Kitchen Cabinet Sink Base
Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Base
Kitchen Cabinet Corner Base
Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can Base
Living Room/Bedroom + (Click on row to expand.)
Interior Door
Vertical Blind Package for Door
Mini Blind Set (Window)
Exterior Door Knob/Deadbolt Set
Interior Doorknob Set
Light Bulb(s)
Light Fixture
Outlet Cover Plate
Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Combo
Peephole/Doorbell Combo
Light Switch Plate
Window Screen
Storm Door
Ceiling Fan
Sliding Patio Door
Sliding Closet Door
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) Receptacle
Window (Large)
Window (Medium)
Window (Small)
Bathroom + (Click on row to expand.)
Shower Stall
Bath Stall
Medicine Cabinet
Wall Mirror
Exhaust Fan w/ Light
Other Replacement Items + (Click on row to expand.)

Period of Unpaid Rent: